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The Haunt 2 is the next installment of our thrilling point and tap adventure that is sure to make your toes curl and keep your mobile device on edge!

Known around the world for your first rate paranormal investigation skills, you are tasked once again to rid the town of its other worldly beings.

Can you put all the pieces together and restore peace to the town folk of Crimson Hill?

Rich and colorful, the photo-real graphics are sure to make this one just as popular as the original smash hit. Another round of unique and original puzzles and well hidden clues again provide a great deal of depth to the sequel that is makes this too standout in the genre.

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"The Haunt 2 manages to fit a lot of entertainment into a single well-illustrated package.

Not only is the adventure a lengthy one, but the puzzles are tricky, often involving multiple steps using clues and objects found throughout the game.

All of this is tied together with a nice and easy interface that never gets in the way, allowing you to jump right in to the mystery.

Another superb point and click game from Furious Apps, one that is filled with enough content and intrigue that it would feel right at home as a casual download, but made to fit quite elegantly on your mobile device."


"I loved The Haunt, and this follows along the greatness of it. Awesome! I love this type of mystery game... A definite 5 STAR!" ~ Bascia (Amazon)

"Awesome game, awesome ending, stayed up all night to finish the game, now have googly eyes but was well worth the money." ~ Caldyisland (Canada)

"Say goodbye passé HOG (yawn) same old same old.....try something different for your brain. Fun!. The story is great and some of the best graphics out there... crazy good." ~ Sjlauer (USA)

"I have not put this down since I bought it two days ago! It has awesome graphics and great puzzles." ~ Kmpat24 (USA)

"Fantastic graphics with good storyline and funny quips...Overall a fun game and I loved the statue decoration at the end." ~ Hawaii Ellen (Amazon)

"Great game- five stars!!" ~ Mark N. (USA)

"The graphics are fantastic. It is meant to be challenging. My only problem is the withdrawls I suffer waiting for the next adventure." ~ Susie Q. (Amazon)

"Make sure your calendar is open because you will be addicted to this game! Amazing graphics...again." ~ Beth Keys (Amazon)

"This was a great game...even better then the first..." ~ Paperroseies (Amazon)

"Played the first game and loved it. Was thrilled to see the sequel.
Hoping for 3." ~ landofoz (Amazon)

"Finally an adventure game that isn't just a bunch of hos and ridiculous easy puzzles. Good job guys keep them coming." ~ Gaytha (Android)

"...The atmosphere is definitely creepy. Puzzles are tricky, though not hard, and gameplay is super fun. My only complaint is that I'd like more of these, and faster please!" ~ thefifthdentist (Android)





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