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Can't find the skip button?
You can turn on the skip button visibility in your Game Options (via the menu button in the game).

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  1. Tap on the front to door approach.
  2. Tap on the mailbox and get the envelope inside.
  3. Open the envelope and read the message.
  4. Get the maps and the key inside the envelope.
  5. Tap on the door and select the key then tap on the lock.
  6. Tap on the door knob twice. The ghost will eject it from the door.
  7. Back up and pick it up off the porch floor and return to the door.
  8. Replace the door knob in the door and tap it.
  9. You will then enter the house.

  1. Find all 4 jigsaw puzzle pieces in the LIVING ROOM.
  2. Get the MOTH above the mantel in the butterfly collection.  MOTHS can be collected throughout the game.  There are 23 of them and are well hidden. They can be used to unlock hints within the game.
  3. Get the COIN at the bottom of the coat rack. There are 20 COINS throughout the game and can be used later in the game on a fortune telling machine to get silly fortune tickets.
  4. Get the KNIFE on the small table next to the lamp in front of the window.
  5. Enter the DINING ROOM.  It is the door to the right of the mantel.
  6. Pick up the DIARY on the table between the windows.  Feel free to browse it for clues. An online copy of the diary can be found [ HERE ].
  7. Find all 5 jigsaw puzzle pieces in the DINING ROOM.
  8. Go back to the LIVING ROOM.
  9. Go to the KITCHEN through the door just to the left of the mantel.
  10. Get a MATCH from the matchbox by the oil lamp in front of the window.
  11. Select the MATCH from your inventory and tap the matchbox again to light it.
  12. Use the LIT MATCH to light the oil lamp.
  13. Find all 4 jigsaw puzzle pieces in the KITCHEN.
  14. Tap on the small bulge in the quilt on the wall.
  15. Tap on the bulge again in the popup and get the BACK DOOR KEY that is revealed.
  16. Use the BACK DOOR KEY on the door next to the iron stove to open it.
  17. Go back to the LIVING ROOM.
  18. Go to the HALL ALCOVE by tapping the orange glow behind the chair to the left of the KITCHEN door.
  19. Enter the BLUE BEDROOM in the left doorway.
  20. Find all  3 jigsaw puzzle pieces in the BLUE BEDROOM.
  21. Get the BLUE GEM in the blue dish in front of the window on the small table.
  22. Open the small black box on the tea table in front of the chair and get the DECORATIVE EGG inside.
  23. Go back to the HALL ALCOVE and enter the UTILITY ROOM through the gold doorway on the right.
  24. Find all  3 jigsaw puzzle pieces in the UTILITY ROOM.
  25. Get the PRY BAR hidden just behind the steam register (below the cowboy hat).
  26. Go back 2 steps to the LIVING ROOM.
  27. In the LIVING ROOM, tap on the fireplace mantel.
  28. Adjust the sliders so that all dials turn green at the same time.
    • TIP:  Adjust the sliders to get them to the approximate location of where they first light up.  Then adjust them small amounts to get them to all turn green.  Skip around to different knobs often as you fine tune their positions.  Use the blue reset button in the center to reset their positions.
  29. Once all sliders are green, tap on the small green button in the center of the mantel and get the PORCH DOOR KEY that is inside and close the popup screen.

  1. Go up the STAIRWAY behind the tapestry on the wall.
  2. Find all 3 jigsaw puzzle pieces in the STAIRWAY.
  3. Tap on the small torn wallpaper to the left of the stairway.
  4. Look at the X/O CODE that is revealed.  It will be used to unlock a SAFE in the BASEMENT.
  5. Go up the STAIRWAY to the UPPER FOYER.
  6. Find all 4 jigsaw puzzle pieces in the UPPER FOYER.
  7. Get the RED GEM by tapping on the monkey's hand.
  8. Go through the open door to the left of the monkey into the KID'S BEDROOM.
  9. Get the NOISEMAKER DEVICE on the table between the beds.
  10. Go back to the UPPER FOYER and go through the door to the right of the monkey into the BATHROOM.
  11. Find all  3 jigsaw puzzle pieces in the BATHROOM.
  12. Get the STETHOSCOPE hanging over the side of the bathtub.
  13. Go back to the UPPER FOYER and tap at the far right of the scene to view the UPPER HALLWAY.
  14. Find the 2 jigsaw puzzle pieces in the UPPER HALLWAY.
  15. Enter the GUEST BEDROOM through the blue doorway in the UPPER HALLWAY.
  16. Find all  4 jigsaw puzzle pieces in the GUEST BEDROOM.
  17. View the DREAMCATCHER hanging in front of the window.
  18. Place the BLUE GEM and RED GEM in the DREAMCATCHER by match the gem shapes to the shapes in the pattern on the DREAMCATCHER. Close the popup when finished.
  19. Return to the KITCHEN to continue.

  1. Enter the BACK ROOM through the door by the iron stove in the KITCHEN.
    • If the door is locked shut, the key can be found in the quilt (see above).
  2. Find all  4 jigsaw puzzle pieces in the BACK ROOM.
  3. Tap on the painting to reveal the WALL SAFE.
  4. Tap on the WALL SAFE and place the STETHOSCOPE on it.
  5. To open the WALL SAFE, SLOWLY turn the dial CLOCKWISE until you hear the first click. When you hear the unique click sound...STOP!!! Then turn COUNTER-CLOCKWISE in the opposite direction until you hear a second click. When it clicks...STOP!!! If you go even 1 click too far...the lock will reset. Change directions again and turn CLOCKWISE until the safe clicks a third time and unlocks.  If you don't open it...turn the dial a couple of times CLOCKWISE and try again.
    • TIP: Turn the dial with your finger away from the center to give you more control and accuracy.
  6. Once unlocked, tap the handle to open the WALL SAFE.
  7. Get the MONOCLE and the PINK GEM from the WALL SAFE interior.
  8. Go through the open left door to the BASEMENT STAIRWAY.
  9. On the shelf in the BASEMENT STAIRWAY, get the BLUE RAG and the TURPENTINE.
  10. Find the 2 jigsaw puzzle pieces in the BASEMENT STAIRWAY.
  11. Go down the stairs to the BASEMENT.
  12. In the BASEMENT, get the FUSE at the bottom of the center steel post column.
  13. Tap on the FUSEBOX in the corner with the RED LIGHT.
  14. Place the FUSE in the open slot of the FUSEBOX and flip the switch to green.
  15. If the lights do not come on...go back to the BASEMENT STAIRWAY and flip the button switch at the top of the stairs (to the left).
  16. Find all  3 jigsaw puzzle pieces in the BASEMENT.
  17. In the BASEMENT, get the CLAY POT next to the work bench (below the window).
  18. Place the CLAY POT in the white circle on the floor in the moonlight.
  19. Tap the left side of the scene to walk around the corner to the BASEMENT EXTENSION.
  20. Find all  5 jigsaw puzzle pieces in the BASEMENT EXTENSION.
  21. In the BASEMENT EXTENSION, tap on the BANK SAFE.
  22. Rotate each red and blue dial to align the correct letters between the small red dots (at 12 o'clock) and the numbers between the small blue dots (at 2 o'clock).  The code needed is the X/O CODE (tic-tac-toe map) found in the STAIRWAY behind the torn wallpaper.  In the X/O CODE, the X's represent the correct letter and number for each dial.  The code is B-1, A-2, and C-3 for each dial on the BANK SAFE respectively.
  23. Once solved, the BANK SAFE opens. Get the ATTIC KEY and the GREEN GEM from inside.
  24. Return to the BACK ROOM where the WALL SAFE was (back 3 steps).
  25. Use the PORCH DOOR KEY (found from within the mantel after solving the 6 sliding dials puzzle) to unlock the blue porch door. Place the key on the small lock to open it.
  26. Go through the doorway to the BACK PORCH.
  27. Find all  4 jigsaw puzzle pieces in the BACK PORCH.
  28. Take special note of the white drawing on the wall next to the door.  This is a partial code sequence for the DIAMOND BOX puzzle in the RED BEDROOM upstairs.
  29. Get the WRENCH on top of the counter just below the corner of the window.

  1. From the BACK PORCH, go through the door outside to the BACK YARD.
  2. Find all  6 jigsaw puzzle pieces in the BACK YARD.
  3. Go to the STONE STABLE just over the stone wall in the right of the BACK YARD scene.
  4. Find all  5 jigsaw puzzle pieces at the STONE STABLE YARD.
  5. Enter the STONE STABLE through its open doorway.
  6. Find all  3 jigsaw puzzle pieces inside the STONE STABLE.
  7. Using the sound of the ropes, determine the correct sequence. When the ropes are pulled in the correct sequence, a unique clicking sound is heard with each pull.
  8. The correct sequence is: 1,4,3,4,2,1
  9. Enter the secret door that is revealed in the right wall.
  10. In the MILKING ROOM, get the LADDER lying on the floor.
  11. Find all  3 jigsaw puzzle pieces inside the MILKING ROOM.
  12. Tap on the small iron door in the stone floor. Open the door in the popup screen.
  13. In the ARROW PUZZLE, rotate each of the arrows so that the total number of arrows pointing to an individual number equals that number.
  1. When the door slides open upon solving the ARROW PUZZLE, get the GOLD GEAR inside.
  2. Return to the STONE STABLE YARD (back 2 steps) and approach the small GARDEN SHED.
  3. Find all  4 jigsaw puzzle pieces at the GARDEN SHED ENTRY.
  4. Enter the GARDEN SHED and find all  3 jigsaw puzzle pieces inside.
  5. Get the PRUNING SHEARS under the right bench on the floor.
  6. Go back 1 step to the GARDEN SHED ENTRY and use the PRUNING SHEARS to clip a MOONFLOWER SEEDLING from the small bush next to the sign post.
  7. Return to the BACK YARD (back 2 steps) to continue.

  1. In the BACK YARD, go to the BARN ENTRY by tapping on the barn just beyond the open field.
  2. Tap on the small WHITE LOCKBOX to the left of the IRON GATES.
  3. To solve the LOCKBOX PUZZLE, tap on the varying dials until the round lenses align with the same colored circles on the disc.
    • TIP:  Note that the arms have opposite pointing arrows on each end that will allow you to select the direction they rotate. Also, different colors have different effects depending on which end you tap on.  Find the right combination of taps to get all of the arms positioned correctly.  Work on getting the red and green ones positioned first.
  4. Once the LOCKBOX PUZZLE is solved and the IRON GATES open, tap on the door to open it.
  5. Go through the rear door to the BARN YARD.
  6. In the BARN YARD, tap on the stack of bags to get some POTTING SOIL.
  7. Enter the TOOL SHED through the open door under the lamp.
  8. Find the 2 jigsaw puzzle pieces inside the TOOL SHED.
  9. Get the BOLT CUTTERS leaning against the wall near the floor by the saw horse.
  10. Use the FORTUNE TELLING MACHINE to get your silly fortunes by spending coins you find in the game. There are 25 coins hidden throughout the game.
  11. Return to the BARN ENTRY (back 2 steps).
  12. Go to the SIDE STALL AREA by tapping on the area to the right of the IRON GATES just beyond the exposed corner (the door in the foreground goes elsewhere).
  13. Find all  3 jigsaw puzzle pieces inside the SIDE STALL AREA.
  14. Place the LADDER in the small opening between the rafters above (near the corner).
  15. Climb the LADDER to the UPPER BARN FOYER.
  16. Find the 2 jigsaw puzzle pieces in the UPPER BARN FOYER.
  17. Go up the stairs to the BARN LOFT and find all  3 jigsaw puzzle pieces there.
  18. Return to the BARN ENTRY (back 3 steps).
  19. Go through the black door opening at the right of the scene to the CELLAR STAIRS.
  20. Find the 2 jigsaw puzzle pieces in the CELLAR STAIRS.
  21. Continue down the CELLAR STAIRS to the BARN CELLAR.
  22. Find all  3 jigsaw puzzle pieces in the BARN CELLAR.
  23. Get the black WITCHES CAULDRON in the corner.
  24. Use the BOLT CUTTERS on the chain locking the IRON DOOR.
  25. Open the IRON DOOR and walk through to the CEMETARY.

  1. In the CEMETARY, tap on the front door of the MAUSOLEUM.
  2. Tap on the RING PUZZLE between the doors.
  3. To solve the RING PUZZLE, move the rings around so that the colored rings are in line with the associated colored stripe on the wood post.
  4. Solving the RING PUZZLE will unlock the MAUSOLEUM doors. Go through the doors.
  5. In the MAUSOLEUM LOBBY, pick up the NOISEMAKER DEVICE hidden behind the stone columns to the right of the right door.
  6. Turn to the left by tapping at the left edge of the scene (on the flickering orange light).
  7. To solve the WHEEL PUZZLE, you need to tap on the different colored buttons to get the wheel's yellow lines to line up with the yellow lines on the walls. The gold coin medallion should be at the 12 o'clock position. Each colored dot rotates the wheel a different amount.
  8. Once solved, the gold medallion will open for you to grab the SCALLOP SHELL.
  9. Back up to the MAUSOLEUM LOBBY and then enter the open doorway just ahead on the left to the TOMB ENTRY.
  10. In the TOMB ENTRY, tap on the STONE MARKER to reveal the TILE PUZZLE.
  11. Solve all 3 TILE PUZZLES to unlock the HAMMER. To solve the TILE PUZZLE, tap the tile you wish to slide into the open slot.  After each image is solved, tap the numbered button to unlock the next puzzle.

Note: It is easiest to solve the white and blue puzzles by working the tiles into place from top to bottom and left to right. For the green puzzle, work from bottom right to top left.

  1. Once TILE PUZZLES are solved, get the HAMMER from the STONE MARKER.
  2. Back up again to the MAUSOLEUM LOBBY and then enter the open doorway just ahead on the right to the RED TOMB.
  3. Get the GOLD CRUCIFIX from the top of the staff.
  4. Continue by choosing a STONE QUEST to pursue.

  1. Go to the BLUE BEDROOM downstairs next to the UTILITY ROOM.
  2. Tap on the PAINTING over the bed.
  3. Pour the TURPENTINE on the PAINTING and then wipe it with the BLUE RAG.
    • The BLUE RAG and TURPENTINE can be found in the BASEMENT STAIRWAY on the shelf.
  4. Add the SAPPHIRE MONOCLE (found in the WALL SAFE of the BACK ROOM) to the painting.
  5. Take note of the symbols and return to the nearby UTILITY ROOM.
  6. In the UTILITY ROOM, tap on the small jar on the table with the object inside it.
  7. Tap on the piece of paper in the corner of the picture frame behind the light fixture.
  8. Using the SYMBOLOGY CHART, find the 4 symbols revealed in the painting (see below).
  9. In the CAPSULE set the 4 tribal syllables to the symbol equivalents.  The correct code from top to bottom is: la, ye, li, ro.
  1. Tap on the CAPSULE'S cap and get the GOLD KEY.
  2. Return to the STAIRWAY and use the GOLD KEY on the secret door in the stair riser.
  3. To open the secret door the rest of the way, use the PRY BAR on the door.
  4. Get the EARTH STONE from within the secret compartment.

  1. Return to the GUEST BEDROOM upstairs where the DREAMCATCHER hangs in the window.
  2. Place all four GEMS into their correct shape on the DREAMCATCHER pattern. 
    • The octagon RED GEM can be found in the monkey's hand in the UPPER FOYER.
    • The square GREEN GEM can be found inside the basement BANK SAFE.
    • The heart PINK GEM can be found inside the BACK ROOM'S WALL SAFE.
    • The round BLUE GEM can be found in the BLUE BEDROOM in a dish by the window.
  3. The GEM'S color configuration is a color code for the GOLD GEAR PUZZLE.
  4. Get the first GOLD GEAR in the MILKING ROOM of the STONE STABLE by solving the ARROW PUZZLE.  Refer to EXPLORE THE STABLE GROUNDS for the walkthrough steps.
  5. Get the second GOLD GEAR in the LIVING ROOM by opening the STEAMER TRUNK.  Refer to the "METEORITE QUEST " for the walkthrough steps.
  6. Get the third GOLD GEAR in the BARN LOFT by opening the HANGING TRUNK.  Refer to the "METEORITE QUEST " for the walkthrough steps.
  7. Once all three GOLD GEARS are found, you will need to banish the WOLF PACK at the RUINS.  Refer to the WOLF PACK BANISHMENT QUEST for the walkthrough steps.
  8. Walk into the RUINS and find all 4 jigsaw puzzle pieces.
  9. Look at the STONE NICHE in the ruin walls at the left edge of the scene.
  10. Place each GOLD GEAR onto the correct ARMATURE. To determine which ARMATURE to place it on, pay close attention to the color layouts in relation to the ARAMTURE SOCKET RING on the GOLD GEAR.
  11. Tap the CRANK ARM to position the existing GOLD GEAR (bottom right) into the correct position so that the BLUE DISC on the GEAR is under the DISC LENS.
  12. Place the remaining 3 GOLD GEARS from your inventory so that the COLOR DISCS under the DISC LENSES match the colors of the GEMS in the DREAMCATCHER diagram. Refer to EXPLORE THE UPPER LEVEL walkthrough for steps in solving the DREAMCATCHER.  The DISC LENSES are in the same Z-relationship as the diagram on the DREAMCATCHER.
  13. Once all GOLD GEARS are positioned, tap the CRANK ARM until all DREAMCATHER GEM colors are under the lenses so that they match the DREAMCATCHER diagram.
  14. Grab the AMBER STONE from the GOLD COMPARTMENT that opens when the GEAR PUZZLE is solved.

  1. To get the FOSSIL EGG, you need to have the DECORATIVE EGG found in the BLUE BEDROOM inside the BLACK BOX on the tea table.
  2. Return to the UPPER BARN FOYER at the top of the LADDER in the SIDE STALL AREA of the BARN. Refer to "EXPLORE THE STABLE GROUNDS" for the walkthrough steps for acquiring the LADDER.
  3. Walk through the door at the right of the UPPER BARN FOYER to find the SECRET WORKSHOP.
  4. Plug in the TELEVISION power cord into the OUTLET in the floor below the table.
  5. Place the DECORATIVE egg below the BELL DEVICE where the chalk drawing is.
  6. Tap the LEVER in the foreground (behind the 6 PLUNGERS) to begin a COLOR CODE sequence.
  7. Watch the television for the unique COLOR CODE then repeat the COLOR CODE on the PLUNGERS by tapping the colored button on top of each PLUNGER.
  8. Repeat this successfully 4 times in total until all 4 SPOTLIGHTS are green.
  9. Get the FOSSIL EGG from below the BELL DEVICE where you place the DECORATIVE EGG.

  1. Return to the RUINS site behind the BARN. You will need to have banished the WOLF PACK at the RUINS.  Refer to the WOLF PACK BANISHMENT QUEST for the walkthrough steps.
  2. You will need to have the MACHETE found in the HANGING TRUNK in the BARN LOFT.
  3. Use the MACHETE on the thorny BUSH blocking the lower doorway. Tap several times to clear the BUSH.
  4. Walk through the doorway to the BACK TRAIL.
  5. Pick up the CRANK WHEEL leaning against the wood post below the flashing lamps.
  6. Return to the MAUSOLEUM. Refer to the EXPLORE THE TOMBS walkthrough for steps to access the MAUSOLEUM interior.
  7. Enter the MAUSOLEUM and go through the right doorway into the RED TOMB.
  8. Place the CRANK WHEEL onto the GOLD HEX SOCKET in the base of the FLASHING TOMB.
  9. Tap the CRANK WHEEL and open the door that pops open next to it.
  10. Get the WOOD CRUCIFIX behind the skull.
  11. Return to the BACK PORCH of the house and get the FLASHLIGHT in front of the doorway on the floor just below the yellow crime scene tape.
  12. Return to the BASEMENT and walk through the dark doorway just beyond the TEDDY BEAR.
  13. Make sure the WOOD CRUCIFIX is selected in your inventory.
  14. Turn on the FLASHLIGHT and look all around the room.  Drag back and forth sideways with the flashlight on, then up and down a couple of times and then left and right a couple more times. Be ready for the ZOMBIE DEMON to appear in the left side of the screen on the empty chair.
  15. When the ZOMBIE DEMON appears, quickly tap on him with the WOOD CRUCFIX selected in your inventory to banish him. The GOLD CRUCIFIX will not defeat him.
  16. When the lights come on, tap on the WALL NICHE behind the chair.
  17. Get the SUN CRYSTAL from behind the skull and crossbones.

  1. Return to the SIDE STALL AREA just to the right of the IRON GATES in the BARN ENTRY.
  2. Make sure you have placed the LADDER (found in the MILKING ROOM of the STONE STABLE). Refer to EXPLORE THE BARN and EXPLORE THE STABLE GROUNDS for how to find and place the LADDER.
  3. Use the PRY BAR to remove the old boards nailed over the hole in the wall.
  4. Tap on the GREEN COUNTERWEIGHT hanging from the chain.
  5. To release the GREEN COUNTERWEIGHT (which will lower the HANGING TRUNK in the BARN LOFT), you need to tap on the white numbers to change them.
  6. To solve the COUNTERWEIGHT PUZZLE, the white numbers should match the sum or difference of the green and red orbs. The red orb should be subtracted where the green orbs should be added.
  7. From top to bottom and left to right, the white orb numbers are: 5,1,2,6,8,3,4,9
  1. Once solved, climb the LADDER to the UPPER BARN FOYER.
  2. Go up the stairs to the BARN LOFT.
  3. Use the KNIFE (found in the LIVING ROOM next to the lamp) to cut the ropes.
  4. Tap the TRUNK to open it and get the 3 objects inside (MOON, GOLD GEAR, MACHETE).
  5. To continue this quest, you need to banish the MOONFLOWER GHOST in the ATTIC. Refer to the MOONFLOWER GHOST BANISHMENT QUEST for the necessary steps to banish the MOONFLOWER GHOST.
  7. Return to the RED BEDROOM in the UPPER FLOOR of the house.
  8. Tap on the DIAMOND BOX on the bed.
  9. Use the code written on the wall of the BACK PORCH to know the order of the diamonds to tap on.  The color configuration of the diamonds should match the pattern on the LEFT DOOR of the cabinet.
  10. The correct order of taps (numbered from top to bottom and left to right) are the following: 2,3,10,4,5,1,7,3,6,7,8.
  1. Place the GOLD SKULL MEDALLION in the red socket and tap on the MEDALLION in place.
  2. Get the STAR PLACARD from within the box.
  3. Return to the LIVING ROOM and tap on the black STEAMER TRUNK.
  4. Place the MOON and STAR PLACARDS into the sockets on top of the STEAMER TRUNK.
  5. Open the TRUNK and get the 2 objects inside (METEORITE, GOLD GEAR).

  1. Go to the BASEMENT with the POTTING SOIL and MOONFLOWER SEEDLING in your inventory.  Refer to EXPLORE THE BARN and EXPLORE THE STABLE GROUNDS for how to find these items.
  2. The lights should be on and the CLAY POT should be placed in the white chalk circle on the floor. Refer to the EXPLORE THE BASEMENT AND PORCH for the necessary steps.
  4. Return to the UPPER LEVEL FOYER of the house and turn right to view the locked ATTIC door.
  5. Use the ATTIC KEY (found in the BASEMENT in the BANK SAFE) on the ATTIC DOOR to unlock it.  Refer to the EXPLORE THE BASEMENT AND PORCH for the necessary steps to get the key. The key is the rusty key with 3 rings on the end of it.
  6. Go up the stairs to the ATTIC and tap on the MOONFLOWER GHOST until she attacks you.
  7. Return to the BASEMENT and use the PRUNING SHEARS to clip a MOONFLOWER BLOOM from the MOONFLOWER SEEDLING.
  8. Return to the ATTIC and tap on the MOONFLOWER GHOST with the MOONFLOWER BLOOM selected in the inventory.
  9. Find all  3 jigsaw puzzle pieces in the ATTIC.
  10. Tap on the FLOOR BOARD with the iron ring attached to it and pull out the TIN BOX inside.
  11. Tap on the grey buttons to reveal the TIN BOX PUZZLE.
  12. To solve the TIN BOX PUZZLE and open the TIN BOX, the larger buttons need to match the smaller numbered buttons. There are 2 parts to each button, an outer ring and an inner disc. Both the ring and disc must match the nearby numbered button. There are 3 colors for each button part: white, grey and black. Tapping on the button will cycle through the 9 different possible combinations. Once all 8 buttons match perfectly, the box will unlock.
  13. When solved, tap again on the grey buttons atop the TIN BOX to open the box.

  1. To banish the WOLF PACK, you will need to collect all 4 NOISEMAKER DEVICES.
  2. The first NOISEMAKER DEVICE can be found between the beds in the KID'S BEDROOM.
  3. The second NOISEMAKER DEVICE can be found hidden behind the stone columns to the right of the right door in the MAUSOLEUM LOBBY.
  4. Return to the UPSTAIRS BATHROOM in the house with the HAMMER that can be found in the TOMB ENTRY by solving the TILE PUZZLE.
  5. Use the HAMMER on the BLACK X-MARK on the wall over the tub.  Tap on the BLACK X-MARK area several times until you break through.
  6. Get the third NOISEMAKER DEVICE inside the hole you made with the HAMMER.
  7. Get the fourth NOISEMAKER DEVICE by returning to the BARN ENTRY.
  8. Go around the corner to the left of the BARN ENTRY by tapping on the left side of the scene.
  9. In the FEED STALL, use the WRENCH (found in the BACK PORCH of the house on the countertop, under the window) on the GOLD BOLT in the small WALL NICHE over the chair.
  10. Tap the WRENCH to turn it and open the WALL NICHE to get the NOISEMAKER DEVICE.
  11. Go through the moonlit opening to the right of the WALL NICHE to the RUINS.
  12. Place each NOISEMAKER DEVICE on the top of the post with the matching color and marker.
  13. Go back 1 step to the FEED STALL and play the REEL RECORDER to hear the WOLF SONG.
  14. Return to the RUINS and repeat the WOLF SONG you heard on the NOISEMAKER DEVICES.
  15. Playing the WOLF SONG correctly will banish the WOLF PACK.
  16. The correct NOISEMAKER DEVICE tap sequence (numbered from left to right) is: 3,1,4,5,3,5,4,2,1,2
  17. Find all  4 jigsaw puzzle pieces inside the RUINS after banishing the WOLF PACK.

  1. To begin the GHOST PORTAL QUEST, you will need to have all 5 STONES in your inventory.
  3. You will also need to solve the JIGSAW PUZZLE to reveal the 10 POTION INGREDIENTS and to unlock them in the game.
  1. Gather the 10 POTION INGREDIENTS:
    1. The MUSHROOMS are along the trail in the BACK YARD in a mushroom patch next to the stone wall.
    2. The GARLIC is in the KITCHEN hanging from the shelf next to the QUILT.
    3. The HORNET'S NEST is on the BACK PORCH inside the cabinet below the window.
    4. The FEATHER is in the TOY BOX in the KID'S BEDROOM.  You must solve the WIRE PUZZLE (below) to unlock the TOY BOX.
    1. The TEA BAG is in the BLUE BEDROOM inside a tea cup on the tea table.
    2. The WOOL is in the ATTIC in the basket at the foot of the right bed.
    3. The MOONFLOWER BLOOM is in the BASEMENT. You will need to clip it from the plant using the PRUNING SHEARS.
    4. The DEER ANTLER is on the DEER HEAD in the MILKING ROOM of the STONE STABLE.
    5. The SCALLOP SHELL is in the MAUSOLEUM and you must solve the WHEEL PUZZLE to unlock it. Refer to the EXPLORE THE TOMBS walkthrough for the steps to retrieve it.
    6. The BEETLE is in the DINING ROOM.  Use the BEETLE MEDALLION to unlock the BEETLE BOX on the table. The BEETLE is inside.  Refer to the MOONFLOWER GHOST BANISHMENT QUEST on how to retrieve the BEETLE MEDALLION.
  1. Return to the MAUSOLEUM and enter it and return to the TOMB ENTRY where you unlocked the HAMMER by solving the TILE PUZZLE.
  2. Walk through the arched opening into the STONE TOMB.
  3. Place each stone on the appropriate STONE MARKER. Match the symbols on the MARKERS to the type of stone.
  4. The order of stones from left to right are: EARTH STONE, SUN CRYSTAL, FOSSIL BIRD EGG, METEORITE, and AMBER STONE.
  5. After the stone door opens, tap on the IRON GATE.
  6. To solve the TIME PUZZLE, you need to tap on the buttons so that all 8 are illuminated at the same time.
  7. When numbering the dials CLOCKWISE with 1 at the 12 o'clock position, the correct order is: 5,4,2,8,7,3,1,6. Tap fast!!!
  1. Solving the TIME PUZZLE will open the IRON GATE. Get the POTION FLASK inside.
  2. Return to the BACK TRAIL behind the RUINS where the WOLF PACK was.
  3. Open the IRON GATE (by tapping on it) that is blocking the path to the OUTPOST with the flicking glow coming from the windows.
  4. Enter the OUTPOST and place the WITCHES CAULDRON (found in the BARN CELLAR) on top of the STONE PEDESTAL.
  6. When the WITCHES CAULDRON is glowing, add the POTION FLASK to CAULDRON.
  7. Return to the BASEMENT to the ZOMBIE DEMON'S DEN.
  8. Add the MAGIC POTION to the orange glowing CISTERN in the middle of the room.
  9. Congratulations, you have banished THE HAUNT that dwells in this house!


Below are the contents of the DIARY found in the DINING ROOM.

June 23
I've been harassed for months now. I can't get any rest. A bright full moon seems to be the catalyst for all the disturbances.

July 12
The spirit in the attic is back. She makes so much noise up there. All through the night she bangs around on the rafters. Will she ever leave?

July 16
I've decided to name the ghost in the attic Christina. I think she is from the 1900s but I can't be sure. She seems very sad.

July 30
After days of studying Christina, I think I've uncovered her love for the moonflower. I need to start planting some. I think a perfect spot is out by the garden shed.

Aug 12
I think there is something in the basement now. Whenever I go down there at night...I hear some growling in the old cellar. It's scaring the tar out of me right now.

Aug 15
I've been unable to sleep for 3 days now. That god awful moaning and growling down in the cellar will not stop. I can't rest. Once the growling seems to quiet, Christina begins banging around for the remainder of the night. I think I am going to have to start sleeping during the day. I wonder what my boss at work will think of that.

Aug 16
Well, Mr. James at work said he will not let me work at night. I guess I may have to find a new job. Perhaps I can work out of the barn and do some machine repair work. I've always loved working with machines.

Aug 21
It's official. I quit my job today. It's time to start my own business in the barn and put my tinkering skills to work.

Aug 24
This is insane. Will these ghosts ever shut up!!! Just let me sleep already!

Aug 28
I have the shop set up in the old stable building. I'm now ready to open for business.

Sept 4,
I can't get anything done. These spirits just will not leave me alone. They keep taking my tools and hiding my projects. If they don't stop, I'm going to have to declare war on them.

Sept 10
That's's WAR!!! Look out've picked a fight with the wrong guy.

Sept 14
The moonflower bush is starting to grow. I hope it survives the coming winter.

Sept 18
A new pack of wolf spirits have presented themselves just south of the barn. They seem to be aggressive. I don't think I will tease them.

Sept 22
The paranormal wolves seem to come regularly. I get the sense they are hunting. For what it is unclear. They appear to be unfriendly and often growl when I approach.

Oct 4
I've been studying the wolves from a distance for a few days now. They seem to pace and guard the old stone ruins down near the outpost. I need to find a way to disperse them without feeding them any of my limbs.

Oct 15
The beast in the basement seemed to be particularly angry last night. Now that I am sleeping days, I can keep my guard up at night. It seems too dangerous to sleep at night anymore.

Oct 19
I have come to the conclusion that Christina is wearing a wedding dress. She doesn't seem to be dangerous, but she does make a lot of noise. I think she is more distraught than viscious. Perhaps her groom left her at the alter. I should go to the library tomorrow afternoon and do some research

Oct 21
My day at the library yesterday was very helpful. It seems there was a woman that lived here about 80 years ago that died on her wedding day. I could not find her name in the records as it only referred to her as the wife of Jeb Peterson. I believe he is the farmer that built the old barn.

Oct 27
After much more research this week, I've uncovered a hidden truth that the ground upon which this estate was built is an ancient burial ground for a regional tribe that lived here several hundred years ago.

Oct 30
Tomorrow is Halloween. I dread what might happen. I will definitely be on high alert.

Oct 31
This dreadful night is upon me. I only pray the cloud cover holds and prevents a full moon in the sky.

Nov 1
Last night was not as bad as I feared. It was noisy...but not nearly has viscious as a full moon. I should count my blessings while I can. I think I am going to catch up on some lost sleep now.

Nov 7
The wolves are back tonight. I tried an experiment and discovered they respond to sound. I need to test some different noises to see if they have any effect on them.

Nov 12
After many tests, I've determined the wolves have some response to certain tones. I believe if I can refine the tones and put them in the correct sequence, I may get some positive results.

Nov 17
Christina is up to her old ways again. Unfortunately the moonflower bush has went into hibernation. I will need to wait until spring to see if I can get any blooms.

Nov 26
Its been relatively quiet lately...and that is what is making me nervous.

Dec 8
Clouds have prevented the full effects of the moon over the last few weeks. It seems the spirits have lost a lot of their energy lately. Thank God!

Dec 13
Christmas is nearing. I think I will go away from here until the new year. I really could use a break.

Jan 24
Its good to be home, but I've found many of my tools to be missing. It seems someone (or something) has been very active lately. It looks like I'm facing a long week ahead.

Feb 1
The demon in the basement is out of control tonight. I'm hiding in the garden shed right now. There is no way I'm going back in that house right now.

Feb 3
I saw him this evening and he was full of terror. It's like he is undead. The basement is literally a wasteland of death. I also have found a scratch on the back of my leg. Three marks.

Feb 9
Its been fairly calm in the house the past couple of days. I decided to take a look down in the cellar and it was a disaster. Whatever that thing is has a lot of power. I wonder where his energy comes from. I need to find the source.

Feb 12
I've been searching the house and the basement every chance I get. I think there is a portal somewhere in the basement. My suspicion is that the energy from this place is fed from this portal. I need to find a way to trap it.

Feb 21
The wolves were howling all night last night. I have two of my noisemakers built but I need more. I estimate it will only take me a few weeks for me to build them.

Mar 1
The moonflower bush has come out of dormancy and showing signs of life. I think it survived the winter and now that the nightly frosts are subsiding, I may be able to nurse it to health.

Mar 6
I'm having trouble getting my third noisemaker working. The spirits keep hiding my tools. I really need to get rid of these annoying menaces.

Mar 9
I get the sense that Christina is lost in her spirit world. It feels as though she is looking for release from it.

Mar 13
Christina is getting more and more distressed these days. She is showing signs of aggression now. I really hope the moonflowers help.

Mar 21
I think Christina will respond to the moonflower. My early tests of offering her the leaves of the plant have allowed me to approach her without risk.

Mar 27
The third noisemaker is nearly finished. I've developed some methods to conceal my key tools from the spirits. It seems that if I develop elaborate means to secure them, the ghosts are unable to decipher my mechanisms.

Apr 2
Spring is showing signs of arrival. The trees are coming back to life.

Apr 12
I've found what appears to be an energy source down in the bottom of the cistern in the basement. This may be what I have been looking for.

Apr 18
More study is needed of the wolves. I've tested some of my noisemakers on them and they are curious of them. They definitely catch their attention. I just need to find the right combination to appease them.

Apr 23
I've met recently with a tribal chief that gave me much insight to the history of this place. He told me that many of his ancestors lived in this area. He believes the wolves are related to the events that happened here. I can't wait to talk to him again to learn more about their history in this place.

Apr 27
I talked to the tribal chief again this morning and he told me that the wolf spirits have haunted this land for centuries. He says they are very dangerous. He also said that this place is an ancient burial ground which could explain the intensity and strength of all the parnormal activity.

Apr 28
The chief came here today to visit and was captivated by all the activity. We went to the outpost and he performed an ancient ritual on the floor there. Things seemed to have quieted down as a result.

May 3
The spirits are back and they are more angry than every. I really need to hurry. I think I am running out of time.

May 8
I now have 4 of the noisemakers finished. I think I need one more.

May 13
The trouble in the basement erupted last night. I believe my experiments with the amber stone the chief gave me are proving to be effective. I think I need to test more stones.

May 18
I believe I have found another stone to have an effect on the demon beast. The meteorite that was lent to me by the county archives has shown some signs of effectiveness.

May 23
The moonflowers are starting to bloom. I may try some experiments with those.

June 1
I approached the basement last night and found myself this morning wandering around the barn in a daze. I am very confused. I do not recall anything in the hours between. I also found bruises on my chest. This development is very disturbing. I really need to be more careful down there.

June 5
The wolves are responding to the tone sequences I've been testing. I just don't know the right sequence yet to get their full attention. I am sure there is something to this development.

June 8
My last noisemaker is nearly finished...but I've lost 3 of them. Those annoying entities are creating much havoc about. I think I need to develop more locking mechanisms. They seem to prevent this mischief from happening.

June 16
Christina seems to find contentment with some of the small flowers I've given her...but they don't seem to have a strong effect. Perhaps I need a controlled place to allow them to bloom in. It seems the basement might offer direct moonlight through its windows to allow the plant to thrive.

June 20
The chief came again today to review my progress on addressing the basement demon. His opinion was that I should acquire samples of the five sacred stones. He named them as follows:

earth stone
fire stone
cosmic stone
sun stone
air stone

June 23
I am finding that it will take a lot more testing to find the right stone samples. Many of my samples are not working. The only two so far that I have found to have an effect is the meteorite and the amber stone sample.

June 27
I've had some success getting the moonflowers to bloom in a pot in the basement. The problem is, my blooms keep getting burned by the demonic forces down there. There is so much energy present. I really need to figure out how I can contain them to the cellar near the ethereal portal.

July 2
I have discovered that a crane's egg I found near the ruins is causing the wolves a lot of discomfort to them. Perhaps this egg will serve effectively as the air stone.

July 9
I've finished work on a couple more places to conceal and secure my stones. I need to make sure they don't disappear on me.

July 26
I've been working non-stop on developing a method to close the spirit portal. I think I am nearing a solution.

Aug 3
I have all of the stones I need now. I just need to find the right configurations to maximize their effectiveness.

Aug 13
In light of my recent developments, the chief has given me an ancient recipe for creating a unique herbal based potion. He states that the mixture has ancient spiritual powers in harnessing the second world he has referred to in the past. He explained to me that the second world is much like purgatory, where ancenstrial spirits reside until they are given access to the afterlife.

Aug 26
After a few more conversations with the chief, he revealed to me that the second world has portals to the earth world we live in and some spirits are able to pass through the portals. It takes a lot of energy to do this and if you can interrupt the energy flows, then you can close the portal. The chief also explained that the recipe he gave me is based on his ancestors winter counts from over 300 years ago. Their experience was much like mine and over decades were able to develop this recipe.

Sept 3
I've decided to convert the recipe into a jigsaw puzzle and scatter the pieces about. This will hopefully keep the recipe out of the hands of the spirits.

Sept 18
I think I have everything ready to close the portal. I am worried that it may not work. The ghosts, demons and wolves are incredibly powerful now.

Sept 22
I have all the proper elements setup and positioned for the coming full moon. I think I will rest now.

Oct 3
The night terrors seem so real now and are so frequent. I know the time is near. I hope I can keep my sanity.

Oct 4
The full moon is in 3 days. I dread the night now. It is driving me insane. The incessant noise and howling ravages my mind. It is hard to keep my thoughts straight.

Oct 5
I have resorted to hiding in the stable now. It is the only place that I can find refuge from the beings that haunt this place. The time for reconciliation nears.

Oct 6
Tomorrow night is the harvest moon. The house is inhabitable. I've been scratched many times and everytime I enter the house...I feel faint. The wolves are back and even more fierce than ever before. I am very nervous.

Oct 7
The full moon is now high in the sky. I am going to attempt to close the portal. If by any chance this happens to be my last entry in this journal, tell my mother I love her."








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