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Enter the world of Riddenhurst. Itís an epic point and tap adventure like no other with hours of adventurous fun for all ages to enjoy.

Unravel the mystery and embark on a quest to save your Uncle Averyís beloved homeland Ė Riddenhurst. Tyranny and corruption plague the land. Fear and distrust is rampant amid fierce clan disputes. As the last remaining heir to its claim. The fate of Riddenhurst is in your hands.

Its stunning artwork and depth of experience is something to behold. This epic adventure for you awaits.

Can you help your Uncle Avery and restore the land of Riddenhurst to its former glory?

Mystery and puzzles are intertwined with spooky, mystical and stylized art in a world that has MUCH to explore.

Named to be a New and Noteworthy Game adventure game by Apple.

"They’ve delivered another great new app, Riddenhurst."

"If you're looking for a point-and-click adventure on the cheap, then Riddenhurst won't disappoint."

"It's the adventure game Myst out of thin air. Beautiful 3D graphics...also delivered a pleasing result."

"A puzzle game players cannot miss!."

  • 100’s of wide angle panorama views
  • Tons of hidden clues
  • Dozens of unique buildings and locations to investigate
  • Engaging interactive game play
  • In-game hints and a map
  • Stunning original art and graphics
  • One of the finest indie adventure games on the appstore
  • Lots of serial updates planned soon - revealing the entire quest
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  • ★★★★★  "Intriguing click and point adventure with beautifully handdrawn artwork...deeply engrossing...hugely enjoyable experience."  ~ Lawrence, UK
  • ★★★✰✰  "A nice looking game with a reasonable price." ~ lucicat, Australia
  • ★★★★★  "A very well done exploration type adventure game. I love the comic book feel graphics...Great game!!!" ~ kinofhera, Hong Kong
  • ★★★★★  "Absolutely Terrific! This is one of the best iPhone apps I've ever bought. Wonderful artwork, lots of fun." ~ ThatOddBall, US
  • ★★★★★  "Awesome. Great, fun and entertaining."  ~ Kathryn, New Zealand
  • ★★★★★  "I have enjoyed both episodes so far. Overall, well done to the developers." ~ Arctic Elf, Australia
  • ★★★★★  "Great game. I've been looking for an iPad app on the same line as Myst. Looks like I found it." ~ Pieman 2, US
  • ★★★★★  "This game is an excellent sequel to Myst and plays as well if not better. Support is right on." ~ Jimk56, US
  • ★★★★★  "Riddenhurst has been the most absorbing and interesting game that I have played to date on my iPad!" ~ Pinkbooklady, Australia
  • ★★★★★  "I'm really enjoying this game. The puzzles are Myst-like and I can't wait to play it whenever I get a chance." ~ MarkMarquette, US
  • ★★★★✰  "I'm 62 and don't normally play these games but this one was fun. The graphics are beautiful." ~ Barefootprints, US
  • ★★★★★  "Very challenging and hard to put down." ~ Skittelroo, US
  • ★★★★★  "I really enjoyed this game...The graphics were awesome and the puzzles were a challenge." ~ KGPhil, US
  • ★★★★✰  "Great game. Very addictive" ~ Alfumasa, US



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