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Hidden Objects Quest 13: Christmas Cheer is our recent installment of the wildly popular Hidden Object Series featuring a fun and festive collection of scenes to celebrate the joyous holiday of Christmas.

It's loaded with exciting game play and awesome new ways to find objects. It features exclusive game modes that you won't find anywhere else.

These include, Hangman Quest, Hidden Time Bomb Search, Conveyor Quests, Thunderstorm Search, and Search in the Fog.

To companion the over 250 quests there are to play, visual effects are scattered throughout and help to provide a unique and realistic search environment.

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An original music score and a 500 hidden object library is married with smart game design where every round of play is different - providing excellent replayability.

To top all of that, there is also a KIDS MODE designed for ages 3 years and up where the whole family can enjoy the adventure.





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