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  1. Upon awaking from unconsciousness, pick up the FLASHLIGHT on the round table near the window.
    • You can turn the FLASHLIGHT on and off with the icon in the top right corner of the screen.
  2. Review the contents of the NOTEBOOK you have in your possession (at the middle left edge of the screen).
  3. Go to the STEAMER TRUNK and tap on the orange puzzle on its lid.
  4. Slide the tiles around to reveal the face of a lion. This will unlock the trunk.
    • If you cannot solve the puzzle - wait a few seconds for a SOLVE button to appear.
  5. Once solved, tap on the gold key below the center latch to open the trunk and then tap on the drawer inside to remove it.
  6. Pick up the items inside, LOCKET PIECE, SKELETON KEY, JUMP ROPE and DIARY.
  7. Open the DIARY and pick up the GINKGO LEAF clue.
  8. Leave the STEAMER TRUNK vignette and go to the WARDROBE nearby.
  9. Tap on the panel with the block puzzle on it, on the right side of the WARDROBE.
  10. Slide the blocks around to create a horizontal path for the gold block to activate the gears.
    • If you cannot solve the puzzle - wait a few seconds for a SOLVE button to appear.
  11. Tap on the LEVER that is revealed behind the puzzle panel door to open the front of the WARDROBE.
  12. Inside the WARDROBE, pick up the CANE.
  13. Select the SKELETON KEY in your inventory and use it on the lower drawer at the bottom of the WARDROBE to open it.
  14. Pick up the PAPER FRAGMENT inside the drawer and leave the WARDROBE vignette.
  15. On the rectangular wood table next to the STEAMER TRUNK and window, pick up the LANTERN and the SMALL GEAR (1 of 3).
  16. Next to the WARDROBE, tap on the portrait of Victoria and get the WOOD FRAGMENT on the back of the picture.
    • The GINGKO LEAF, PAPER FRAGMENT and WOOD FRAGMENT are automatically combined into a MAP in your inventory.
    • The X on the MAP refers to a secret spot under the oval rug.
  17. Pick up the MEDIUM GEAR (1 of 3) on the chair next to the portrait of Victoria.
  18. Pick up the MATCHBOX on the round table next to the oval rug and open it (by tapping on the end of the box) and get the MATCH inside - which will automatically light the LANTERN in your inventory.
  19. Leave the MATCHBOX vignette and walk over to the bed and get the LARGE GEAR (1 of 3) on the round table by the window. The 3 gears will automatically combine into ASSEMBLED GEARS in your inventory.
  20. Tap on the OVAL RUG to reveal a TRAP DOOR. Tap on the TRAP DOOR to open it.
  21. Select the JUMP ROPE from your inventory and use it on top of the PUZZLE BOX hidden behind the TRAP DOOR. The box will lift out of the floor.
  22. Tap on the PUZZLE BOX to view it. Slide different panels on the box in sequence to eventually unlock the box. The starting point is marked with a small ring on one of the panels. Start with the ring side, then move the 2 dark panels on each side of the box as you work around the box to the right until you get to the back of the box. Then slide the back side down and the top over.
  23. Inside the PUZZLE BOX, get the TOY BLOCKS (2 of 4).
  24. Leave the PUZZLE BOX vignette and go to the ATTIC DOOR.
  25. Pick up the TOY BLOCKS (2 of 4) lying on the floor near the bed.
  26. Investigate the MANTLE CLOCK on the shelf on the wall near the ATTIC DOOR. The time says 12:25 - which is the code to the ATTIC DOOR.
  27. Tap on the WOOD BOARDS on the ATTIC DOOR to investigate it.
  28. Insert the TOY BLOCKS from your inventory into the slots on the ATTIC DOOR - so the TOY BLOCKS read 1-2-2-5.
  29. A COPPER BUTTON will then be revealed above the 1225 blocks. Press the COPPER BUTTON and leave the ATTIC DOOR vignette.
  30. Return to the OVAL RUG. A PROJECTOR has been lowered from the ceiling. Investigate this PROJECTOR.
  31. Open the small door on the back of the PROJECTOR and put the LIT LANTERN from your inventory inside the PROJECTOR.
  32. Look under the PROJECTOR at a small panel. Tap on the panel to reveal a gear housing.
  33. Place the ASSEMBLED GEARS into the gear housing on the bottom of the PROJECTOR and exit the PROJECTOR vignette.
  34. There is a secret panel revealed in the wall where an image of Victoria is projected on the wall - on Victoria's lap. Open this panel by tapping on it.
  35. Investigate the JEWELRY BOX inside the secret hole in the wall.
  36. On once side of the JEWELRY BOX is a door. Open the door by tapping on it and then tap on the gold button.
  37. On the opposite side, open the MIDDLE DRAWER to reveal a CORPSE FINGER.
  38. Get the VICTORIAN RING from the CORPSE FINGER and exit the JEWELRY BOX vignette.
  39. Before leaving the projected image - get the KNIFE stuck in Victoria's right arm.
  40. Go to the ATTIC DOOR and investigate the WOOD PANELS in the corner near the candles on the floor by the door.
  41. Use the CANE from your inventory on the WOOD PANEL above the candles to pry it open.
  42. Use the KNIFE on the ROPE of one of the COUNTERWEIGHTS to raise the other WOOD PANEL and thus reveal your exit
  43. Escape the attic through the opening in the wall.

  1. Go down the ATTIC STAIRWAY and through the dark hallway to a door. Go through the door into the BATHROOM.
  2. Exit the BATHROOM to the HALLWAY through the door by the sink (we will come back to the bathroom later).
  3. There are 3 doors. 2 are locked and 1 is not. Go through the unlocked door on the right to the SERVANTS STAIRS and go down it to the KITCHEN.
  4. In the kitchen, there are 2 doors in the corner. 1 is locked and 1 is not. Go through the unlocked door to the CELLAR STAIRS.
  5. Go down the CELLAR STAIRS to the CELLAR ROOM with a mysterious BANK SAFE in it.
  6. Continue through the door in the CELLAR ROOM to the BOILER ROOM.
  7. Turn and walk through the COAL ROOM to an iron door. Go through this iron door into the WITCH'S ROOM.
  8. Walk across the room to the ALTER in the corner and tap on the face curtain to reveal a GLASS GLOBE.
  9. Pick up the WRENCH in the corner on the chair.
  10. Pick up the nearby HAMMER and investigate the GLASS GLOBE.
  11. Break the GLASS GLOBE with the HAMMER in your inventory and then pick up the RED MONOCLE inside.
    • The RED MONOCLE is a tool that is accessible via a button next to the FLASHLIGHT button.
    • The RED MONOCLE allows you to see things that aren't visible to the naked eye.
  12. Investigate the SPELLBOOK on the round table and place the VICTORIAN RING into the socket on the cover to open it.
  13. Get the POTION RECIPE inside the book. We need to find the ingredients on the POTION RECIPE.
  14. Leave the SPELLBOOK vignette and pick up the RABBIT'S EAR on the table next to the SPELLBOOK.
  15. Turn around and pick up the JAR OF FISH EYES on the wooden crate next to the wall by the alter.
  16. Investigate the NOTE on the round table. It reads:
  17. When the SUN and STARS
    Come to Align
    Her death will top
    the Grand design
    I'll turn her World upside
    As I Reclaim
    the family's crown!

  18. Investigate the square box on the table next to the NOTE. Solve the GEO BOX PUZZLE by:
    1. Rotate the vertical ring so the WHITE SKULL is at the top of the needle.
    2. Rotate the top horizontal ring so the WHITE STAR is behind the needle.
    3. Rotate the lower horizontal ring so the YELLOW SUN is is behind the needle.
    4. Rotate the GLOBE inside so North and South America are upright.
    • If you cannot solve the puzzle - wait a few seconds for a SOLVE button to appear.
  19. Inside the GEO BOX, pick up the RED AMULET and exit the GEO BOX vignette.
  20. Use the RED MONOCLE to reveal a ZODIAC DIALS PUZZLE on the wall to the right of the EXIT DOOR of the room.
  21. Solve each of the five dials by rotating the rings so the ZODIAC SYMBOLS line up correctly.
    • If you cannot solve a dial - wait a few seconds for a SOLVE button to appear.
  22. Once all five ZODIAC DIALS are solved, the EXIT is unlocked for you to escape the Victoria's secret lair...but watch out!
  23. Leave the WITCH'S ROOM through the now unlocked door to the COAL ROOM.

  1. Go to the BOILER ROOM nearby through the open doorway and pick up the OIL CAN and return to the COAL ROOM.
  2. Use the OIL CAN from your inventory on the frozen WHEEL VALVE on the COAL CHUTE DOOR to loosen it.
  3. Use the WRENCH (found in the WITCH'S ROOM), on the COAL CHUTE DOOR to turn the WHEEL VALVE and open it.
  4. Enter the COAL CHUTE to travel to the PARLOR through the floor ACCESS HATCH.
  5. Walk across the PARLOR and investigate the PICTURE on the FIREPLACE mantel.
  6. Investigate the PUZZLE behind the PICTURE. Slide the GOLD MARKERS up and down until they frame the white lines drawn on the grey columns.
    • If you cannot solve the puzzle - wait a few seconds for a SOLVE button to appear.
  7. Tap on the secret panel in the center of the puzzle once all GOLD MARKERS frame their white lines to reveal a KEY.
  8. Pick up the key and leave the PARLOR through the single door by the windows to the SERVANTS STAIRS by the KITCHEN.
  9. Go up the SERVANTS STAIRS to the upper floor and use the FIREPLACE KEY in your inventory on the locked door across the HALL.
  10. After the ethereal tornado has barricaded the door, walk across EMILY'S ROOM to the DRESSING BUREAU.
  11. Pick up the MAGNET attached to the doll house near the window.
  12. Pick up the BALL OF STRING on the sewing table in front of the window. The MAGNET and STRING will automatically become a MAGNETIC "FISHING ROD" in your inventory.
  13. Use the HAMMER in the inventory on the PIGGY BANK to break it open and pick up the SILVER DOLLAR from inside.
  14. Investigate the FLOOR GRATE between the rug and the wall - between the windows and door.
  15. Use the SILVER DOLLAR on the FLOOR GRATE to remove the screws and allow it to be removed.
  16. Use the MAGNETIC "FISHING ROD" in your inventory to get the CROWBAR from the room below.
  17. Use the CROWBAR on the BARRICADE BOARDS to remove them from the door.
  18. Investigate LEO'S FOOTLOCKER at the foot of the bed near the door and then investigate the PIPE PUZZLE on the lid of the FOOTLOCKER.
  19. Solve the 3 levels of the PIPE PUZZLE by creating a continuous line from the green light to the red light.
    • If you cannot solve the puzzle- wait a few seconds for a SOLVE button to appear.
  20. Inside the FOOTLOCKER, pick up the TUB STOPPER and the GRYPHON STATUE.
  21. Leave the FOOTLOCKER vignette and then leave EMILY'S ROOM to the HALL and return to the BATHROOM at the end of the HALL.
  22. Put the TUB STOPPER into the bottom of the BATH TUB and then turn on the TUB FAUCET to fill the tub with water.
  23. Go to the MEDICINE CABINET above the wash sink and open it.
  24. Move the medicine jars on the upper shelf to the side and investigate the ARROW PUZZLE behind them.
  25. Tap on the arrows so that the number of arrows pointing to each number is equal to the number itself. When correct, the number will illuminate.
    • If you cannot solve the puzzle - wait a few seconds for a SOLVE button to appear.
  1. Pick up the RIDDLE NOTE and jar of DISSOLUTION ACID now revealed from behind the ARROW PUZZLE panel.
  2. Return to the BATH TUB and use the jar of DISSOLUTION ACID into the water to create "BURNING WATER" referred to in the RIDDLE NOTE.
  3. Place the GRYPHON STATUE into the green "BURNING WATER" in the BATH TUB.
  4. Pick up the IRON BAR (that was ejected from the water) on the floor next to the BATH TUB.
  5. The inscription on the IRON BAR reads: 23R-48L-16R (the combination to the BANK SAFE).
  6. Return to KITCHEN via the SERVANTS STAIRS.
  7. Collect the individual POTION INGREDIENTS listed on the POTION RECIPE in the KITCHEN (2 ingredients are found in the WITCH'S ROOM). When all are collected - they will automatically consolidate in your inventory into 1 object, a COLLECTION OF POTION INGREDIENTS. Some of the ingredients are inside the PANTRY.
  8. Use the COLLECTION OF POTION INGREDIENTS in your inventory on the black CAULDRON on the STOVE in the KITCHEN.
  9. Pick up the DISPENSER TUBE next to the CAULDRON and use it on the potion inside the CAULDRON. The DISPENSER TUBE will then turn GREEN.
  10. Return to the CELLAR ROOM where the BANK SAFE is located and use the GREEN DISPENSER TUBE on the ETHEREAL LOCK AND CHAINS to remove it.
  11. Investigate the BANK SAFE and rotate the dial to the right (clockwise) in one motion to 23. The yellow lights signify each step. You must release the dial on the correct number or tap twice to reset the yellow lights and start again.
  12. Turn the dial to the left (counter-clockwise to the number 48 and then back to the right (clockwise) to the number 16 to open the BANK SAFE.
    • If you cannot solve the puzzle - wait a few seconds for a SOLVE button to appear.
  13. Inside the BANK SAFE, pick up the RIDDLE DIAGRAM lying next to the BROWN DaVINCI BOX. This diagram can be inspected in your inventory to assist you in decyphering the color combination to the BROWN DaVINCI BOX.
  14. Rotate the colored bars on the BROWN DaVINCI BOX so that the combination matches the RIDDLE DIAGRAM. The combination is:
  15. Once open, pick up the RED AMULET and exit the BROWN DaVINCI BOX vignette.

  1. Return to the KITCHEN and after being possesed, investigate the hole in the wall that was hidden behind the PANTRY.
  2. Pick up the three (3) KEYSTONES and return to the PARLOR.
  3. Place each KEYSTONE into the matching shaped sockets on the paintings hanging on the wall to reveal a SYMBOL PUZZLE behind each one.
  4. Tap and solve each of the SYMBOL PUZZLES that are found behind the paintings. To solve them, you need to have only 1 type of symbol in each row and column. Below are the solutions:

  5. After the SYMBOL PUZZLES are all solved, three (3) levers are revealed inside the wall. Tap on each lever. This will open the FIREPLACE.
  6. Go through the SECRET PASSAGE behind the FIREPLACE and tap on the back of the CABINET blocking your wall. It will fall into the room.
  7. Enter the DINING ROOM and open the door to your right as your arrive to enter the LIVING ROOM area.
  8. Walk forward to the PIANO in the LIVING ROOM and tap on the STOOL to reveal a hidden SHEET OF MUSIC inside.
  9. Pick up the SHEET MUSIC and tap on the PIANO and place the SHEET MUSIC from you inventory on the MUSIC STAND above the KEYBOARD.
  10. Turn on the RED MONOCLE to reveal a series of SECRET MARKINGS. These markings are numbered.
  11. Play the numbered KEYS on the PIANO to solve the puzzle in order from top to bottom and left to right. The sequence is: 1-6-5-7-2-3-8-4
    • If you cannot solve the puzzle - wait a few seconds for a SOLVE button to appear.
  12. Back away from the PIANO and use the RED MONOCLE again on the LIVING ROOM. You will find 5 SECRET MARKINGS on the walls. These markings are numbered 1 through 5. They are the solution to the CODEX that rolled out from within the PIANO.
  13. Investigate the CODEX on the PIANO next to the SHEET MUSIC.
  14. Adjust the DIALS on the CODEX so the symbols match those found on the walls of the LIVING ROOM, in the order that the symbols are numbered.
    • If you cannot solve the puzzle - wait a few seconds for a SOLVE button to appear.
  1. After the CODEX opens, pick up the GOLD KEY inside and exit the CODEX vignette.
  2. Go up the GRAND STAIRCASE to the upper floor and go to the 2 doors across from each other at the end of the hall under the wall sconce.
  3. Open the LEFT DOOR into VICTORIA'S BEDROOM by using the GOLD KEY from the CODEX to unlock it.
  4. Get the COAT HANGER hanging on the HATRACK next to the bed and walk over to the large PAINTING hanging on the wall.
  5. Tap the PAINTING to make it drop and use the HAMMER in your inventory on the torn wallpaper behind where the PAINTING hung.
  6. Use the COAT HANGER in your inventory to pull the LEVER inside the wall.
  7. Turn around and use the RED MONOCLE to reveal secret writings on the walls and ceiling. Take note of the 931 541 written above the desk.
  8. Go through the now unlocked door between the windows and desk to the GUEST ROOM.
  9. Walk over to the DESK and open the DRAWER, second from the bottom near the floor, and pick up the 271 NOTE.
  10. Investigate the TELEPHONE on the desk and dial the number 931-541-271 on the rotary dial.
    • If you cannot solve the puzzle - wait a few seconds for a SOLVE button to appear.
  11. When the phone turns arond, get the revealed NOTE. It reads:

  13. Look down at the side of the bed near the desk chair and tap on the ARROWHEAD COLLECTION peeking out from under the bed and open it.
  14. Inside are several arrowheads. You need to place the correct four (4) arrowheads into their slots at the bottom of the tray. The NOTE from the TELEPHONE outlines what four (4) should be selected and placed.
  15. 1 POINTS BLACK = The first arrowhead is the BLACK one (bottomr row, 5th arrowhead from left).
    2 POINTS WHITE = The second arrowhead is the bright WHITE one (top row, 5th arrowhead from left).
    3 POINTS DOWN AND 4 POINTS RIGHT = The third arrowhead is in the 3rd row from the top and the 4th column from the left.
    5 POINTS LEFT AND 6 POINTS HIGH = The last arrowhead is in the 5th column from the right and the top row (the red one).

    • If you cannot solve the puzzle - wait a few seconds for a SOLVE button to appear.

  16. After solving the ARROWHEAD PUZZLE, pick up the LOCKET PIECE which will automatically complete EMILY'S LOCKET.

  1. Return to EMILY'S BEDROOM down the HALL (through the door next to the GRAND STAIRCASE).
  2. Walk over to Emily's DRESSING BUREAU, and place EMILY'S LOCKET on the grey bust. EMILY will appear.
  3. Once EMILY appears in her room following placing her locket on the bust, follow EMILY'S GHOST out into the HALL, down the SERVANTS STAIRS, through the PARLOR, into the hole in the floor (behind the TRAP DOOR) in the PARLOR, and into the COAL ROOM in the CELLAR.
  4. Once in the COAL ROOM, follow EMILY through the SPIDER HOLE into the SECRET UNDERGROUND TUNNEL.
  5. Crawl through the TUNNEL until you see the ANTECHAMBER and then enter the ANTECHAMBER.
  6. Tap on the HAND CRANK on the STEEL DEVICE in the center of the ANTECHAMBER and it will open and activate.
  7. Investigate the RED BOX in the ANTECHAMBER. Open it by tapping on the SILVER PLATE on the front of it near the top of the box.
  8. Once opened, place the RED AMULET into the socket at the top of the box interior - above the LETTER BUTTONS.
  9. Pick up the BLUE MONOCLE that is revealed from the RED BOX and exit the RED BOX vignette.
  10. Look up at the ceiling and use the BLUE MONOCLE to reveal the CONSTELLATION CLUE.
  11. There are at least 4 clues in the game to suggest what to enter into the RED BOX with the LETTER BUTTONS.
    1. The CONSTELLATION CLUE - suggests that astrology signs are relevant.
    2. The NOTEBOOK - states in clue 10 that Emily's birth right will deliver you to your final trial.
    3. The SECRET SYMBOL - found inside the WITCH'S ROOM on a tapestry (visible with the flashlight) is a relevant symbol.
    4. UNCLE LEO - his name says it all.
  12. Return to the RED BOX and punch in LEO into the LETTER BUTTONS and exit the RED BOX vignette.
  13. Next to the far wall of the ANTECHAMBER (near the RED BOX) are two TELESCOPING PEDESTALS that are now activated.
  14. One has a BLUE BUTTON and one has a RED BUTTON.
  15. It is up to you to CHOOSE YOUR FATE by pressing one of the buttons.




My name is Emily and I fear this is my last day.  I am writing this in hope that someone, someday will come to my rescue - whether it be in this life or the next.

My aunt Victoria has lost her mind.  I am afraid of her.  Her torments and evil deeds have gone on for many months, but they seem to be at a pinnacle of desperation now.  Ever since my mother and father died a year ago, I have been in her care.  But it seems more like imprisonment.

She locks me up for days on end here in this forsaken attic.  I rarely am able to rest.  This house is in decay and Victoria seems to thrive in its darkness.
She constantly practices her witchcraft.  I hear her in the cellar regularly - making horrid noise and dust.  I have never been able to determine what she is doing down there but there are enormous piles of earth and rock piling up in the rear yard.

She took my mother's amulet from me.  It has been in our family for generations and my mother told me it held special powers to anyone who possesses it.  My mother gave me this amulet on my last birthday before she died.  It was if she knew she was going to die - just as I do today.

She told me that because I was born under the sign of the lion, I have a birthright to the amulet and its power to foreshadow the future will be in my control - so long as dark forces do not interfere or cloud its gift.  My fear is, my aunt Victoria embodies those dark forces my dear mother warned me of.  I believe Victoria seeks to become a fortune teller and spread her wicked ways to others.

I entrust that you - the now sole bearer of this message, will reclaim my sacred amulet and discover its true purpose.  That purpose to me is to use its power to overcome the evil that Victoria has brought to me and others.  If I do indeed perish at the hands of her this eve, I hope that you will be able to rid me of her grasp in the next life.  I hope that you have the knowledge and clever mind to achieve this.  I beg for your assistance and trust.

My uncle Leopold has agreed to help me - help you.  He too was under the evil spells of my Aunt's wrath.  He was a master carpenter and has assembled a number of gadgets and puzzles to conceal the amulet from Victoria.  When she found out he had stolen the amulet and hid it - my trusted uncle went missing.  I have never seen him since - and I never saw him leave this house either.

However, he was a clever man.  He knew Victoria's limits of knowledge and logic.  He promised me he would keep the amulet safe - and locked away from her.  If you do indeed acquire the amulet, I ask that you to tread cautiously.  There is no telling what Victoria might do to prevent you from uncovering her plots against me - whether it be now or in the afterlife.  Her powers are strong - but not invincible.

I entrust that you will find the amulet and use it wisely.  Remember these key points that I bear to you.  I do believe they will help you navigate Uncle Leo's trail of mystery.

1) My mother's ring will deliver the key to the amulet
2) Beyond the attic - the basement awaits
3) The red eyes will reveal secrets
4) A trail of ash and soot behind the iron door is your secret path
5) The winged beast can be transformed to reveal its secret
6) Your missing exit from parlor tricks is beyond its walls
7) Victoria's key is locked away by 8 ivory keys
8) The arrows point to me
9) Follow me and I will lead you to Victoria
10) My birth, my right and my uncle will ultimately deliver you to your final trial









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