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Coming just in time for Halloween of this year is a groundbreaking game named Haunted Escape: Wrath of Victoria.

Finding yourself trapped on what was thought to be a routine paranormal investigation – you are tasked with uncovering the mystery and curse of a dreaded haunted house.  The ghost of Emily, a Victorian Era teenager, is at war with her wicked Aunt Victoria.  Her late Uncle Leo has left a trail of clues and puzzles for you to uncover the secrets that lie hidden in this torturous house of horrors.

This amazingly well-crafted 3D first person adventure takes you on the ride of your life as you work at a feverish pace to escape this spooky and chilling house and its myriad of mysterious rooms.  The storyline is full of curious plot twists, lock downs, engaging and unique puzzles and a collection of intriguing mini-games along the way.  Challenging puzzles and well hidden clues, objects and tools provide a great deal of depth to the game and makes this a standout in the genre.

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It is undoubtably one of the spookiest apps ever released.










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